Job offers

If you are part of the cluster, we invite you to fill in the form on the intranet so that we can add your offer to the website.

You can do it in Basque and in Spanish.

Job vacancies

Do you want to work in the Basque bio-health sector? Send us your CV.

Currently we don´t have the CV form in English. However, you can add your CV using the Basque and the Spanish version.


If you agree to be added to our database, your CV will be visible to the cluster’s members for one year after we receive your authorisation. During this period of time, people approved by the cluster, generally the human resources managers of our members, will be able to view and contact you.

Before the end of this period, you will receive an email to renew your authorisation. In case of refusal or no reply, your CV will be deleted.

If you want to delete your CV before the end of the year, you must request its removal by sending an email to

If you want to update your CV you will have to fill in the whole form again. The data will be overwritten as long as you enter the same email address. The period of one year will start from the new authorisation.

If you want an organisation to obtain your CV, you must send it directly to their human resources department.

No. The database is independent of the job offers that our members publish in the “jobs” section.