Because the Cluster works actively to promote its members in key aspects such as collaboration for innovation, internationalisation, the creation and attraction of talent and the search for funding.

To this end, we attend international trade fairs with our members, hold investment forums, organise thematic workshops and specialised courses and facilitate B2B relationships.

We do this hand in hand with public administrations, other Basque and international clusters and public and private entities that help us to fulfil our mission and vision.


Any public or private organisation that works in the field of biosciences and health can join the cluster.

There are two types of members: companies are considered to be full members; universities, technology centres, research centres, etc. are considered to be collaborating members.


Prospective members must adopt the formal agreement to apply for membership of the Asociación Basque Health Cluster, in accordance with its internal procedures.

The candidate must also designate a natural person to represent it in the association’s social bodies. Applications shall be included on the agenda of the next meeting of the Board of Directors. Admission must be approved by an absolute majority of the general meeting.

For more information and application forms, please write to info@basquehealthcluster.org and if you wish you can consult the Articles of Association here (in Spanish).

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