Martes, 20 Octubre 2020 21:06

ONENA MEDS IS HIRING "Antibody Scientist"

Onena Medicines is a startup biotech company that produces state-of-the-art antibody medicines to treat chemotherapy resistant breast cancer. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women. This year, at least 650K women in the world will hear the devastating news that their breast cancer has returned. We discovered a set of unique proteins that specifically causes drug resistant breast cancer cells to grow indefinitely. Our antibody drugs neutralize these proteins, leading to cures in preclinical models and a clear path to disrupt the cancer treatment landscape.
As our lead Antibody Scientist, you will be responsible for implementing cutting edge immunological and molecular recovery techniques to aid in the rapid discovery of antibodies. You will utilize a broad range of molecular biology, genomics, and cell-based technologies to support reagent and therapeutic antibody programs.

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