Entities dedicated to discovering, manufacturing, preparing and marketing medicinal products for treating and preventing diseases.  This group includes the classic pharmaceutical companies whose products can be found in pharmacies, as well as those that only sell directly to hospitals or other companies. They not only focus on human health, but also on animal pharmacology.


Entities dedicated to technological applications that use biological systems (a set of organisms such as tissue where many cell types coexist) and living organisms (from bacteria to animals) and their derivatives in order to create or modify products or processes for specific uses. This includes applying science and engineering principles to treat organic and inorganic materials using biological systems. Its applications are primarily in the pharmaceutical, medical, veterinary, agricultural, chemical and environmental industries. As with pharma and dermo entities, organisations offering only R&D are also classified as services.


Entities dedicated to manufacturing and/or marketing tools, devices, machines, implants, in vitro reagents, materials and other similar or related items, intended to be used, either alone or in combination, for one or more of the specific medical purposes of diagnosing, preventing, monitoring, treating or alleviating disease.

*Software (computer programmes, operating systems and computer platforms) intended for health are excluded from this category as they have their own category (digital health).


Entities dedicated to providing healthcare and social healthcare services aimed at improving the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of diseases and health care. These include hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, physiotherapy, insurance, etc.


Entities dedicated to developing and/or marketing tools and services that use information and communication technologies (ICTs) that can improve disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management. Due to the large number of medical devices produced, it was decided to separate the entities into two sub-sectors: medical devices and digital health.


This is the most diverse group. It groups together all institutions that provide services to other entities in the bio-health field or that do not fit neatly into the other categories. Organisations included in this group are universities, technology centres, business promotion units, sectoral investors, CROs, specialist consultancy firms, and public bodies.