A3Z Advanced

Quality control, Regulatory testing, Quality systems management, Technical dossier, Advance licence, Technical management

Angulas Aguinaga Research Center

Healthy eating, Preventive nutrition, Personalised nutrition, Food safety, Food allergies, Food intolerances, Seniors, Sarcopenia, Fragility, Metabolic syndrome, Cognitive system, Hospital recovery, Chewing, Dysphagia, Protein sources, Omega 3.

Basque Government – SPRI

Public Administrations, Competitiveness, Technology, R&D, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Grants, Basque Government


Regulatory consultancy, Management systems, CE marking, Medical devices, Internal audits, Training, Mentoring

BEAZ Bizkaia

Basque government, Aid for entrepreneurship, Bizkaia Provincial Council, Competitiveness, Business start-ups.

Bexen Medical

Hospital products, Hospital pharmacy, Biological samples, Medical device, Drug storage, Consultancy.


Basque public health system, R&D&I


Technology, Advice, Laboratory, Diagnostics, Evaluation.


Technology centre, Biosensors, Biomedical devices, Microfluidics.


Monitoring, CRISPR, Enzymes, COVID-19, Scaffolds

Datu(a) Smart Digital

Data analysis, Data analyst, Data visualisation, Data interpretation, Biostatistical analysis, Predictive analysis, Computational biology, Clinical trials software.

deviCE sistemas

CE marking of medical devices, CE marking of machinery, PPE certification, Management Systems, Quality, Certification.


Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Modelling, Consultancy, Model Informed Drug Development (MIDD), Drug development, First Time in Man (FTiM), Clinical trials

Enforced Laboratory Universeral

Clean rooms, White Rooms, Controlled environment areas, Technological areas, Construction, Equipment, GMP, Classified area, Containment, Biosafety, ISO 14644, Adaptation of spaces, Adaptation to the real needs of the customer, Customised projects, Absolute confidentiality, Processing and advice regarding the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS), the EMA and FDA.

Fundación Gaiker

Technology centre, External R&D, Technological services, In vitro tests, Microbiology, Cell cultures, Toxicology, Molecular biology, Biotechnology, Polymers, Composites, Environment, Recycling.


Nanohydrogels, Controlled release, Encapsulation, Coatings, Development for third parties, Injectable hyaluronic acid, Consultancy, Own product

IES Diagnostics

Diagnostics, Biomedicine, Biotech, Techonology, Services, Laboratory, Immunity


Medical devices, Portable isolation bubble, Healthcare consultancy, Biotechnological consultancy.


Cell lines, Culture media, Drug screening, GPCRs, Biosensors, Neurodegenerative diseases.


Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, medical training, surgical training, nursing training, healthcare training

Leartibai Fundazioa

Innovation, Monitoring, Intrapreneurship, Polymers, Business start-ups, Improving competitiveness.


Leartiker, Technology, Polymers, Food, Research, R&D and innovation, Transfer, Knowledge, Innovation, Engineering, Health, Personalised, Healthy, Health, Materials, Biocompatibility, Medical devices, Microfluidics, Point-of-care, POC, Tissue engineering, Process, Injection, Injection-compression, Tissue regeneration, Manufacturing, Scaffolds, Hydrogels, Bio-imprinting, Hospital, Imaging, Silicone, Thermoplastics, Sensors, Sensorisation, ISO 13485, White room.


Microfluidic technology, Microfluidics, CDMO, Diagnostic test, Microfluidic devices, Lab-on-a-chip, In vitro diagnostics (IVD), Development and manufacturing, POC system, Immunoassay, Molecular diagnostics, Next generation sequencing (NGS), Reagent integration, ISO 13485.

Mondragon unibertsitatea

Formal education, University, Engineering, Business studies, Gastronomy, Educational sciences, Humanities, University degrees, Master’s degrees, Doctorates, Higher education, Research and transfer, Vocational training, Own courses.


Medtech, digital health, allergy, medical imaging

NorayBio Software

Software, Bioinformatics, Biological sample management, Biomedical data management, Project management, Animal facility management, Biobank and biorepository management.

Panel Health

Patient experience (PX), Patient-reported experience measures (PREMs), Value-based healthcare.

Software Quality Systems (SQS)

Software, Quality, Consultancy, Testing, Training, Safety-critical systems, Verification and validation, Test automation.


Technology centre, Neuroengineering, Medical robotics, Health and well-being, Genetics, Healthy eating, Pharmaceutical development, Biomaterials, Biocompatibility.


Health 4.0, Medical devices, Design and development of medical devices, Tissue engineering, Healthcare products, Biomarker sensors and detectors, In vitro diagnosis, Telemedicine, ISO 13485, IEC 62034, IEC 60601


Centre for Applied Research into Vocational Education and Training, Innovation in Vocational Education and Training.


University, Training centre.


Technology centre, Digital health, Artificial intelligence, Image analysis, Medical imaging, 3D Printing, Medical devices, Software, Personalised medicine, Precision medicine, Personalised nutrition.


Gene therapy, rAAV (recombinant adeno-associated virus) viral vectors, Tailor-made.


Lentiviral vectors, Lentivirus, Gene therapy, Gene-Modified Cell Therapy, Advanced Therapies, Regenrative Medicine, Tailor-made.