Since the 2000’s, the Basque Government has been committed to decidedly help promote its regional economic mesh evolution within our continuously changing and increasingly competitive World, so betting on new sectors with high knowledge and innovation components. One defined outcome was its plan, first of its kind in Spain, specifically aimed at the development and growth of the biosciences: the BioBasque Strategy. The plan, under its current design, is chiefly managed and implemented on its executive side by the SPRI Group (the governmental agency for business development ).


Bioscience has revealed itself -worldwide- as a sensible field to invest business development efforts into. Risky by nature and typically requiring medium to long maturation terms, but offering high rewards. The Basque Country has promoted and witnessed the emergence of a science and technology community, made of public research centers, university departments, advanced technology alliances and companies, that sets the foundation for the bioregion.

The Basque bio-sector is now, more than ever before, a strategic axis. The Basque bio-companies hone qualities that help improve the economics and welfare of the region, a factor that also makes society more resilient to downturns. They heavily invest in R&D, attract highly qualified professionals and focus on specialized demand with World-wide market footprint.

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