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La biotecnológica OWL necesita incorporar técnica/o en espectrometría de masas para su departamento de metabolómica

La Biotecnológica OWL, líder en el campo de la metabolómica, ubicada en el parque tecnológico de Bizkaia ofrece una vacante en el departamento de metabolómica como ayudante en espectrometría de masas para formar parte de un equipo multidisciplinar y altamente colaborativo. Se busca una persona con motivación e iniciativa y con formación en química orgánica, química analítica, biología u otra área relacionada, que tenga amplio conocimiento en cromatografía líquida y espectrometría de masas.

Mass Spectrometry Vacancy

OWL is a biotechnology company leader in the field of Metabolomics, with pioneering diagnostics products and unique R&D services for the scientific community. Currently, OWL offers a position within the metabolomics department for a Research Assistant in Mass Spectrometry field. We are looking for a motivated scientist with a MSc or PhD degree in organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biological sciences or related field, who exhibits a strong working knowledge on liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry and positive attitude and inquisitive nature, that can function in a highly collaborative multidisciplinary team.


  • Developing and utilizing mass spectrometry techniques to analyze metabolites and lipids, to support detection panel development for different diseases. 
  • Performing intact mass analyses of metabolites and lipids using accurate mass LC-MS and LC-MS/MS methods including sample preparation, data acquisition and data processing with commercial and in-house developed software. 
  • Operating, maintaining and troubleshooting of liquid chromatography, mass spectrometers instruments. 
  • Designing and performing experiments, reviewing and analyzing data for metabolite and lipid identification and quantification. 
  • Maintenance of sample and instrument records.


  • MSc or PhD degree in organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biological sciences or related disciplines. 
  • One or more years of relevant experience on mass spectrometry field, as demonstrated by hands-on experience in working with MS equipment. 
  • Understanding of liquid chromatography and Mass Spectrometry methods in metabolite characterization/identification/quantification and hands-on experience in mass analysis. 
  • Effective communication skills in English is a must, both in written and verbal form to deliver clear and concise presentations; demonstrated ability to work in a team environment. 


  • Knowledge of database search mechanisms for metabolite identification. 
  • Experience in working in ISO accredited, CLIA approved or equivalent laboratories is an added value. 
  • Hands-on experience with LC-MS from Waters and AB Sciex instruments is highly desired.
  • Experience in clinical laboratory practices.

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